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Ceschi on the podcast!

Not even gonna bother with an intro... Kick back, relax, enjoy some time with the Fake Four man. Oh, and support Ceschi and Fake Four Inc., of course!
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A Chat With Sweetcreem

The blog returns with a new interview, as promised. This time, it is with none other than Sweetcreem. Sweetcreem, to those unfamiliar, is a musical project driven by one lone being in the Boston area. The project is extremely emotional/personal in nature and has been on heavy rotation 'round here for a couple of years… I personally find myself revisiting the song "Smith" way too often, screaming the lyrics right along with Sweetcreem (the singer, as well as songwriter and producer)… It's a catchy, cutting and somewhat washed-out pop anthem of the highest order that is also part battle cry. In short, great stuff and just as dope live… Perhaps even a bit more intense. All of the releases are worthy of attention, and we will be speaking about them here. Several live dates are coming up in fact, listed below. So let's have a chat with Sweetcreem, and support the music directly via the links below. Thanks everyone, nice to be back! MJC https://sweetcree…

Yo Yo! Back At It, 2020

Happy New Year 2020, a bit late but better than never...  Been extremely busy.
And to be honest, had forgotten about this blog amidst the chaos.  However, it's great to be back with so much new music, label news, projects with other artists and labels, studio updates, videos and such.  For now though, as has been the concept with this blog since the beginning, we're gonna remain focused on other people and their art for now.  All things related to FBR and mastering can be found in the ether of social media.  And all of our music is still available on Bandcamp.  Just Google FilthyBroke Recordings!  Everything physical has actually sold out, but for a little remaining Molly Drag vinyl...  Pink 12" and it is on sale to celebrate our upcoming 6-year anniversary.  On 4/20, 2020 ;)
So, before dropping the next review or interview, just wanted to say "Thank You," sincerely.  My entire discography as MJC/Michael J Collins/One Man Love Triangle & the offshoot bands…

A Conversation With Curta

Lovely catching up with an old friend on the day of his new album release.We chopped it up, "conversation style."  The new album, hilarious memories, mental health, the music grind and more came up during this fun little "interview."  Grab the new Curta album and support his art. -MJC

Not A Review Volume 2: Steve Cobby

Opened up the email this morning, saw Steve Cobby had dropped yet another full-length album. This has been a regular occurrence over the last several years, new Cobby coming seemingly out of nowhere... and often. For those "In the know," anything that this man releases is reason to drop everything and listen. In fact, this has been the case here for 25 years. It all started with the discovery of legendary duo Fila Brazillia in college. Mr. Cobby, along with the also masterful David McSherry, began turning out extremely inviting, as well as extremely weird, beat-driven music in the early 90s. This was happening in Hull, in the UK, during what was likely one off the most exciting times in modern music, and Pork Recordings was at the center of it all releasing these precious oddities.
This is an interesting fact to note, due to context... In the first installment of "Not A Review," we covered Kelpe's new album and his work on DC Recordings. Yes, the DC Recordings …

Not A Review Volume 1: Kelpe

Kelpe has been a musical fixture in my life for quite some time.15+ years in fact, going all the way back to his early work on D.C. Recordings.The attention paid to his music is always personal, as D.C. Recordings and the Depth Charge releases that they pioneered intersected with a very transitional period in my life; Freshman year of college in 1995, selling the drum kit for a pair of turntables and a mixer. As a huge fan of the label and their strange, eclectic approach to curating unique music, I was introduced to Kelpe's first output in 2004.This was the Sea Inside Body album, and it became immediately apparent that this was an artist that I would be following for the long haul.A couple more staggeringly strong Kelpe albums followed on the cult imprint, which now only exists in the ether of the internet.The end of said label was certainly sad, as they had contributed so much to forward-thinking music to the world ranging from electro to jazz, however it did seem to pave the w…

Two Birds One Blunt • Hoot Talks to Bleubird

It was an extremely hot, off night in Florida. Perfect reason to attend a Hurricane Party show, Bleubird's raucous collaborative project with rickoLus.  We were lucky enough to have him meet up with another artist we admire, a friend since day one, Hoot. We've been a fan of Bleu for some time, thus these two birds, chopping it up, is especially cool. Thanks to Hoot for conducting the interview and Bleubird for taking the time... 

Bleubird: Twitter

Hoot: Bandcamp Twitter